9 Apps that Will Help You Keep Your 2017 Resolutions


You remember the age-old saying: There’s an app for that. Well, maybe not “age-old”, particularly, but memorable nonetheless. (We believe it’ll soon join the ranks of “The pen is mightier than the sword” and “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”.)

Anyway, depending on the type of New Year’s resolution you’re setting for 2017, there’s an app for that. There are apps that record your health, diet, and exercise efforts, apps that’ll measure and stunt your social media time, apps to help you learn new skills, apps to track your spending and saving, and apps to help you access a community of resolution support. (Hint: That’s where Resolution Club comes in. But, we’ll get back to that.)

As 2017 nears, we want you to be the most prepared and best equipped to keep those resolutions. So, we’ve done some research and collected some pretty handy apps to download for the new year. Preparing yourself and your surroundings is important in keeping your resolutions. Check out our suggested resolution-keeping apps below and consider implementing them for 2017:

If you’re trying to save or spend less money…

Mint helps you manage all your money in one place, for free. Whether you access the website or download the iPhone or Android app, Mint links to your bank accounts and tracks your transactions (and more). It can calculate your total net worth and analyze where you’re spending the most money ­– then help you curb those habits.

A potential resolution using Mint: “I resolve to review my weekly expenses each Sunday.”

YNAB (You Need a Budget) also helps you manage your money, but focuses on budget-building and debt-relieving. Its proven four-rule method helps you gain absolute control of your money. And it’s successful – many YNAB users have gotten out of 50k – 100k of debt in less than a year. After the 34-day trial period, it only costs $50/year.

A potential resolution using YNAB: “I resolve to pay $500 towards my debt on the 15th of each month.”

If you’re trying to be healthier…

Fooducate is a beautifully simple and free way to track your nutrition and activity. (Tracking your resolutions is important, so this is good!) Fooducate also offers nutrition education, sleep and mood tracking, personalized diet plans and goals, and a super supportive community so you aren’t facing your resolutions alone.

A potential resolution using Fooducate: “I resolve to eat one green vegetable each day.”

Yoga Studio provides a different way to stay fit and reduce stress and anxiety. Ready-made with over 65 yoga and meditation HD videos as well as detailed instructions on over 280 poses, Yoga Studio allows you to exercise from the comfort of your home. The app is only $3.99.

A potential resolution using Yoga Studio: “I resolve to try a new yoga video each Monday morning.”

If you’re trying to improve your efficiency and productivity…

Forest is an app that’s tackling technology overuse in a unique way. Available on your phone and computer, Forest “helps you stay focused in a pleasant way.” When you start working, turn on Forest to plant your tree. If you leave your task, your tree begins to wither. Forest provides a simple yet effective method of staying on task. It’s only $0.99 on iPhone.

A potential resolution using Forest: “I resolve to grow five full trees (about 30 minutes of uninterrupted work each week.”

Evernote is loved by organizers and note-takers everywhere. Some even call it their digital assistant. On the free app, which is now available on Apple Watch, you can create and organize your task lists and notes. You can also share your lists and create detailed agendas. Evernote syncs between your laptop, phone, and tablet automatically, so you’ll never be without your notes.

A potential resolution using Evernote: “I resolve to organize and prepare tomorrow’s to-do lists at the end of each workday.”

If you’re trying to learn or experience something new…

TED, which originally stood for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading ideas in the form of short talks. At TED Talks around the world, experts in every field from business to science to global issues discuss their experiences. With the free TED app, you can watch and listen to these talks and learn more about these issues.

A potential resolution using TED: “I resolve to learn one new idea each week.”

Airbnb is an international home sharing network that allows travelers to rent short-term lodging in residential properties. When you book a rental via the free Airbnb app, you are better immersed into the culture and experience life as a local. Airbnb is a great way to enhance your travel experience and save money on lodging.

A potential resolution using Airbnb: “I resolve to travel to and immerse myself in a new culture every six months.”

If you just need help keeping your resolution…

Resolution Club is a simple, accountability-based program that manages your resolutions and your support community. It’s a software designed to help you better yourself and the world.

Resolution Club works in tandem with each of the apps we’ve discussed above. To show you how, we’ve presented an example of a relevant resolution that you could make – and keep – with Resolution Club. Resolution Club helps us make resolutions forcing us to whittle ‘em down to bite-size pieces to consume daily, like vitamins. By utilizing Facebook, Resolution Club also brings our family and friends alongside to create a community of support while we resolve to better ourselves and the world.


As 2017 nears, we want you to be the most prepared and best equipped to keep those resolutions. Your resolution may be to lose weight and stay fit, to curb your social media usage at work, to spend less money and save up for that vacation, or to simply keep a resolution for once. Regardless, there’s an app for that, and Resolution Club has your back.