My Resolution: Do 20 situpsCompleted

Luke Webster2 Comments

I will do 20 situps every day for 30 days starting 2016-08-01

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2 Comments on “My Resolution: Do 20 situpsCompleted

  1. Great job on this resolution, everyone! I thank you for giving Resolution Club a try and for joining one of the first resolutions.

    If you want to “up the ante,” we’re starting a 25 sit-up (or crunches) resolution here:

    Already, we have Erin x2, Luke, Renee, Mia and Mia. Hopefully Ron and Jenn will join too (hint hint). It starts September 1st.

    And, yes, Luke, your current line looks like a Christmas light string. Time to go green!

    Also starting September 1st:
    10 push-ups three days a week:
    20 push-ups every day: (yowza)

    Hope to see you there!

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