My Resolution: Do 25 sit-ups or crunchesCompleted

Michael Cyger6 Comments

I will do 25 sit-ups or crunches every day for 2 months starting 2016-09-01

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6 Comments on “My Resolution: Do 25 sit-ups or crunchesCompleted

  1. Welcome to the first day of our 60-day resolution to do 25 sit-ups or crunches a day!

    It’s not too late for others to join. Just click the “SHARE MY RESOLUTION” button when you click-through to the resolution and get some of your other Facebook friends to join the journey.

    1. My original idea was to encourage people to do the resolution on the day of, because doing twice as many after skipping a day doesn’t help build a new habit. (Not implying that you’re doing that at all!)

      But then my lovely wife said, “why can’t I go back and mark yesterday’s done today…I did them at night and forgot to enter them.” (Or something like that…don’t hold me to it exactly.)

      In addition, our email reminders had some intermittent service over the weekend and didn’t send so I’ve come to this:

      1. Post the days you have completed in the past (mouse over the red squares and hover, it will tell you the date) and I’ll manually mark them as done for you

      2. We plan to tell people that they have to mark an activity done on the day of the activity

      3. I think I’ll add a grace period of 12 hours to mark an activity done, so you’ll have until noon the next day to mark an activity done

      What do you think? I’m looking for input. Thanks!

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