My Resolution: Do 20 push upsCompleted

Renee Miller Petheram13 Comments

I will do 20 push ups every Day for 30 days starting 2016-09-01

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13 Comments on “My Resolution: Do 20 push upsCompleted

    1. Maybe we need to start a new resolution on October 1st, and everyone gets to start over?

      Maybe title it “Do 20 Full, Wall or Knee Push-ups” to encourage more to join us? And let’s go for 60 days!

  1. Congratulations, everyone, on this resolution.

    If you think you want to do another resolution, but maybe not as many or specifying something slightly differently (e.g., “10 wall pushups every day”), please do that.

    Consistent, small steps on your journey will help you meet a large goal over time.

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