My Resolution: Do 22 push-ups Completed

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I will do 22 push-ups every day for 22 days starting 2017-01-03

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4 Comments on “My Resolution: Do 22 push-ups Completed

  1. Today’s the day! Thanks for joining this resolution and raising awareness for Veterans health issues, as well as getting fit!

    So, let’s do 22 push-ups — five at a time separated by an hour each set (plus 2 extra), push-ups against the wall or on your knees, one armed — whatever works for you. Work up to all 22 throughout the 22 days. (And it’s no big deal to skip a day if you get sore…but join back in!)

    Record today’s push-ups on video and post the video to your Facebook page with a link to this resolution ( so your friends and family can join the resolution! Here’s what you can say before you do your push-ups, “I’m doing 22 push-ups a day for 22 days to raise awareness for Veterans health. Click the link below to learn more and join me.”

    Happy new year!

  2. Great first day! If you haven’t already, sign into, visit and click the DONE button.

    You have to log your activity daily. Once the day passes, you can’t log your push-ups, so please sign in and log it!

    Also, a good friend of mine, Alexis Vaughan, is hosting a documentary screening entitled “Thank You for Your Service” on Monday, February 20 at 7 PM at the Silverdale 4 Cinema. You can learn more at:

    Here’s what Alexa wrote on FB: “I have some friends doing 22 push-ups a day representing the 22 veterans a day that take their own lives. This documentary discusses the gap in healthcare services that soldiers experience when returning from combat, that leads to such a high suicide rate amongst veterans. Let’s see if we can better educate our communities and bring about more awareness of what plagues our veterans. Mike Cyger please share with your 22 a day friends!”

  3. Hey everyone!

    We’re halfway through the 22 day push-up challenge. Way to go!

    If you haven’t started yet (ahem, @ToddFilson), now’s the time to get going. Only logged one day of push-ups? Let’s get going (ahem, @AllieDecker and JamieMorrison)!

    If you’ve hit every day since the beginning, awesome work! Consider using the “share my resolution…” button above and posting a status update on Facebook today to encourage other people to join us. It’s never too late to join!


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